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Turbocharger Saab 9.3, 9.5 2.0L B205 / B235E GT17

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Product Specifications







B205 / B235E

Turbocharger Part Number

452204-5007S / 452204-5007 / 452204-0007

Previous Part Number

452204-0005 / 452204-5005 / 452204-5005S

OEM Part Number

5955703 / 9172123 / 55560913 / 9198631 / 4611349 / 9180290

Vehicle Model

Saab 9.3, Saab 9.5





Vehicle Brand


THIS IS A REMANUFACTURED GENUINE TURBOCHARGER – rebuilt using genuine and/or quality replacement parts

• Each unit is 100% disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using proprietary processes and dedicated specialized equipment. All component parts are inspected to exacting standards, and renewed as appropriate to ensure that problematic areas that typically cause failure are renewed to the highest quality standards.

• 100% of rotating, journal, and thrust bearings and seals are replaced, and all mating surfaces/passages are renewed as required for a longer-lasting unit.

• All wheels, shafts and corresponding bores are measured and controlled with specific go/no-go tolerances and renewed or replaced as needed to ensure trouble-free operation.

• 100% dynamic balancing of compressor wheels, turbine shaft/wheel assemblies and complete rotating assembly ensures proper operation and extends unit life.


• It is up to you to ensure that you have ordered the correct turbocharger part for your vehicle, if you are unsure please contact us to check BEFORE purchasing.

• If you are replacing a turbocharger that has previously failed YOU MUST have had the fault diagnosed and rectified prior to fitment of the new unit.

• Always REPLACE air, oil and fuel filters with new ones and use new engine oil.

• Oil supply lines MUST also be REPLACED to avoid possible contamination and for warranty purposes.

With 1 Year Warranty
Terms & Conditions
It is your responsibility to ensure that the item shown is the same as the turbocharger you are replacing. Check the ID plate on your turbocharger before ordering. Oil lines, air & oil filters and new engine oil (recommended for your vehicle) MUST be replaced to meet warranty conditions. Make sure that you or your mechanic has identified the cause of the previous turbocharger failure prior to fitment of a replacement to avoid a reoccurrence.


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