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Holset Turbo

If you’re looking for a genuine Holset turbocharger, you’ve come to the right place. At Eastern Turbocharger Services (ETS), we provide nothing but the best, and that includes remanufactured Holset Turbos for your vehicle. As well as selling genuine Holset Turbos, we can also take care of any repairs, reconditioning, or rebuilding for your turbocharger. Ask us to overhaul your turbo and get your vehicle working at its best once more.

When you buy a Holset Turbo for sale through ETS you can be sure it is genuine.

ETS has the Cummins Turbo and any other turbocharger to suit your vehicle. We specialise in turbos not just for cars, trucks, and 4WDs, but for buses, farming equipment, marine machinery, mining and construction, as well as race performance vehicles. Our team can accept turbocharger units for repair from all across Australia. Simply have your unit professionally removed by a mechanic and send it to us in Melbourne. We will restore it and send it back to you in a timely manner.

Cummins Turbo for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia

The best way to replace or upgrade your turbocharger is by buying a top-of-the-range remanufactured product. The Cummins Turbos for sale through ETS will provide exactly what you need in a new turbocharger. Get your turbo through ETS and we will send it to you in Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and beyond.

With years of expertise and experience, you can trust the team at ETS. Contact us to enquire about a Holset turbocharger.