Turbocharger Repairs

VNT Turbo

We also overhaul or rebuild most turbos including VNT and are able to source a wide range of parts within competitive timeframes to ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible. Our workshop is well-equipped with new and modern machinery and machining is done on site.

Eastern Turbocharger Services repairs, rebuilds and overhauls turbochargers for:

  • All makes and models of cars, trucks, buses, 4WD's and race performance
  • Mining, construction, farming equipment and some marine applications

Turbocharger Repairs

VNT Turbo

VNT (variable nozzle turbine) & VGT (variable geometry turbo) turbochargers ARE repairable. ETS has been successfully repairing, rebuilding and overhauling these new generation turbochargers for years.

Rebuilds are offered on a diverse range of plain and ball bearing turbos and ETS stocks an extensive range of parts to ensure your vehicle is up and running as soon as possible.

All turbos for repair should be removed by your mechanic and brought down or sent in to our workshop. In the first instance your mechanic should be able to diagnose if you have a turbocharger problem and if it is the case they will then need to refer you to a turbocharger specialist. Note: we do not remove and refit turbochargers.

ETS turbo specialists have the knowledge, experience and necessary skills to be able to assess your turbocharger and advise on repair or replacement options available.

Our workshop is well equipped and all machining is done on site. The cleanroom features a state of the art precision balancer, with core units balanced up to 250,000 rpm to ensure turbocharger reliability and longer service life. We also have the necessary up to date equipment and machinery required to service the more complex turbochargers on the market today.


turbo charger

Turbocharger failure:

Here at ETS we understand that a turbocharger does not fail without reason. The majority of the time a failure is a result of a fault present elsewhere in the engine or oil feed pipes.

Symptoms of a failed turbocharger:
  • Engine lag
  • Black smoke
  • Noise
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Excessive oil on either the compressor or the turbine end
  • Drag or bind rotating assembly play
  • Excessive rotating assembly play
  • Damage to the compressor or turbine

ETS repairers will assess the cause of the failure during repair and advise you on how best to prevent a similar occurrence resulting and causing further damage to your vehicle.

Turbo Actuator

The repair/rebuild process:

In order for us to quote on a repair of a turbocharger the unit needs to be stripped; without doing this it would be impossible to assess the damage and required repairs.

All units are placed in an orientation rig and measurements are documented and recorded for that turbocharger application.

Turbo Actuator

The turbo actuator or waste gate is firstly checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We have specific testing units for testing the turbo actuator whether it is electronic, pneumatic pressure or vacuum. In some cases we are now able to source replacement electronic turbo actuators for some applications whereas before it was necessary to buy an entire new turbocharger unit.

The turbo, this includes VNT turbos and variable geometry turbo, is then completely stripped and inspected for any evident damage and wear and tear. All parts are then immaculately cleaned using our parts washer, ultrasonic units and blast cabinets. Then the parts are again closely inspected, all serviceable parts reused and new replacement parts sourced where necessary.

Variable Geometry Turbo

The turbine wheel shaft is balanced and the core is assembled to OEM specifications and balanced on our VSR balance up to a speed of 250,000 rpm. A certificate of balance is provided with every rebuild.

The cleaned housings are then reassembled to the unit and it is then set to the correct orientation for that turbocharger.

Once finished it is hard to tell our rebuilt unit from a new turbocharger and of course all work comes with a 12 month repair or replace warranty provided installation is carried out in accordance with instructions.

We strongly recommend that all oil feed/supply lines and filters be changed with every turbocharger installation to avoid possible oil contamination.

Strip & Quote only: $165 including gst

If you were to decide to take the turbocharger elsewhere for repair or chose not to proceed with the repair the turbocharger would be returned in pieces. This is because, once disassembled a turbocharger CANNOT be reassembled without balancing.


Why can’t I fix my own turbo?

Thinking of buying a rebuild kit online to fix your turbo? Stop!

Unfortunately DIY Turbo Rebuild Kits are offered online insisting it is possible to remanufacture a turbo from home with no specialist equipment or know how. Buyers caught unaware are led to believe they can fix their turbo by simply ‘dropping in a kit’.

Why isn’t this possible?

For one the kits are sized wrong. Any quality turbo rebuild kit will feature standard OEM sized bearings and seals. The ones contained in the DIY kit are often over or under sized. Even if properly installed your turbo will be left with excessive shaft play and seal gap, this will result in a turbo which operates inefficiently and will quickly fail and be far more costly than the original problem.

Secondly the home mechanic has a lack of necessary specialist equipment and tools. Turbochargers require disassembly, reassembly, shaft straightening, polishing, balancing the fitment of required over or undersized internals as well as testing. These steps are all critically important to ensure a turbocharger functions as it should and cannot be done without specialist tools, skill and know how.

Once a turbocharger has been disassembled it MUST be rebalanced. It is often due to an unbalance that a turbocharger fails in the first place. A turbocharger which is reassembled without being rebalanced is a turbocharger which WILL fail. 

Most online rebuild kits are not OEM quality. They are cheaper rip offs without genuine components. These low quality parts do not meet OEM specifications, they have not been subject to heat treatment, surface finish or dimensional tolerancing. A turbo rebuilt with these parts will fail and the resultant damage will be far more costly than the originally faulty model. 

Finally a turbocharger which has been rebuilt at home, without the required equipment or know how WILL leave you with a far more expensive problem than the one you originally started with and increases the likelihood of damage to your overall vehicle. This should be weighed up with a professional rebuild and re-manufacture by a qualified and skilled turbo manufacturer and repairer which always carries a warranty.  Still worth it?

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-by Kevin Finnigan in 2005.

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