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Upgrades and high flowing (modifications)

Mitsubishi Evo 20G upgrades and a complete range of Garrett and IHI performance ball-bearing turbochargers available.

Mitsubishi Evo 10 upgrade turbochargers.

ETS also offers performance upgrades for Nissan Patrol, GU, GQ, TD42

Save fuel and gain approximately 25-30 per cent in your power output when you choose a performance upgrade.


High flowing

High flowing is the fitting of a larger compressor or turbine wheel to a turbocharger to improve its physical flow capabilities. The larger compressor wheel increases the amount of air entering the cylinder, providing more oxygen for the fuel to burn and resulting in an increased power output by the engine.

This means a high flowed turbocharger is capable of producing more power and handling a greater amount of boost with increased reliability.

There are a few benefits to a ball bearing high flow turbo, not in the least being they are known to spool up quicker and demonstrate better overall performance.

High flowed turbochargers are also incredibly cost effective. Maintaining factory appearance as all alterations are internal the high flowed turbochargers can be fitted without any further modifications required. This is due to the fact the compressor and turbine housings are all re-used which means the turbocharger can be bolted directly back into place. The factory intercooler, air in-take piping and all oil fittings and water lines are also re-used.

In the case of high flowed ball bearing turbochargers extra fittings may be required to be adapted to the vehicle for water and oil supply.

Note* Some compressor or turbine housings only allow for a small increase in wheel diameter, due to their physical size or shape. When the turbocharger is stripped, cleaned and ready for assessment we can determine the right combination for your requirements.

Should the wrong compressor wheel be fitted the turbocharger can surge violently, resulting in a premature failure of the turbocharger and damage to the vehicle. An incorrect turbine wheel may make the turbocharger lag or result in power which is too high for the rev range.

ETS has the knowledge and expertise to perform the precise measurements and machining involved in this process and assess the appropriate combinations and clearances.

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