About Us

Eastern Turbochargers Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated
business established by Kevin Finnigan in 2005.

Kevin has a wealth of experience gained from many years in the industry and was the Service Manager for Dynamic Turbocharger Services (DTS) in Darwin and then the Service Manager and State Manager for MTQ Engine Systems
(Aust) Pty Ltd in Darwin.

He has a thorough knowledge of servicing and rebuilding turbochargers for both small and large frame applications; including MTU AGL84 turbochargers on Naval Fremantle Class Patrol boats and other large international and national shipping vessels and also servicing Defence vehicles throughout his years in Darwin

He is well respected in the industry and reputable multi-national OEM's have chosen to bring their top apprentices through his workshop to share his expertise and learn about turbocharger fault diagnosis.

We repair, rebuild, recondition or overhaul turbochargers for
  • All makes & models of trucks, buses, cars, 4WD's & race performance
  • Mining, construction & farming equipment and some marine applications
  • We CAN repair VNT/VGT turbochargers; doing so successfully for years
  • Ball bearing turbochargers
  • Hi -Flow & power upgrades
  • Remanufactured or Reman turbos
  • Exchange turbos


Nissan Patrol GU, GQ, TD42 - saving fuel and gaining approximately 25-30%increase in power
Eastern Turbocharger Services (ETS) is a well established business located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Over the years we have gained a reputation in the industry for quality, reliable workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our aim is to provide each and every customer with the best possible service and to this end we will endeavour to give you all of the options to enable you to make an informed choice when it comes to repairing, upgrading or buying a new turbocharger.Our workshop has new, modern equipment essential for repairing the more complex turbochargers on the market today - including a "state of the art" Mk3 VSR balancing machine for high speed core balancing and a GateTest3 for testing pneumatic pressure/vaccum and electronic actuators.

Every care is taken in stripping and rebuilding your turbo; we pride ourselves in our precision and attention to detail and assure you that your turbocharger will be given back to you in the best possible condition. All reuseable parts are immaculately cleaned, inspected and measured, quality new parts are used where required and once assembled your turbo is balanced to or beyond OEM specifications and a certificate of balance is provided with every job.

A major benefit of rebuilding a turbocharger that has previously failed is that we can assess the damage to the unit and the cause of the failure whether it be the actual unit or damage from elsewhere in the engine. In doing this we can help to avoid the same issue occurring should the turbo not be at fault and suggest a possible cause so that it can be explored fully by your mechanic and rectified to avoid further damage to the engine which can be a very costly exercise.

12 month warranty

All of our work carries a 12 month warranty provided that turbocharger is installed by a turbocharger technician or suitably qualified mechanic and all installation procedures have been carried out in full. Oil lines should always be checked and/or replaced before installation of a replacement turbocharger to avoid contamination and/or possible failure.

Oil should be changed on a regular basis, we recommend every 5-7,000 km using good quality oil suitable for your turbocharger application. This is particularly important with driving in constant start and stopping (eg: traffic lights) environments and short distances as this is deemed "severe" driving conditions.

Eastern Turbochargers Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated business established
-by Kevin Finnigan in 2005.

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